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3 Tips to Join the Property Ladder, Regardless Of the Economic Climate

3 tips to join the property ladder regardless of the current economic climate

These days, the housing ladder doesn’t really exist in the way that it did. In this post, I explain why this is the case. And how you can get on the property ladder (and more so, why you still should), regardless of the current economic climate.

5 Ways Your Bedroom Could Help Achieve The Best Price For Your Home

Lisa of Homesale Homelet shares her 5 tips for how your bedroom could help achieve the best price

All rooms in a property matter when it comes to selling a home, but some matter more than others. The bedroom is one of these rooms. So if you’re preparing to sell your home, take note. Here’s 5 ways to style your bedroom so that it’s not only more enjoyable to spend time in, but so that it’s highly appealing when selling too.

6 perfect tips to help you downsize your property

6 tips to help you downsize your property

When you have to downsize, often the hardest part is coming to the realisation you’ll no longer be living in a bigger property. So to help, I’ve put together this essential guide for you. These tips will keep you on the right track. And thankfully, well prepared to move into your new property!