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3 Tips to Join the Property Ladder, Regardless Of the Economic Climate

3 tips to join the property ladder regardless of the current economic climate

These days, the housing ladder doesn’t really exist in the way that it did. In this post, I explain why this is the case. And how you can get on the property ladder (and more so, why you still should), regardless of the current economic climate.

5 Ways Your Bedroom Could Help Achieve The Best Price For Your Home

Lisa of Homesale Homelet shares her 5 tips for how your bedroom could help achieve the best price

All rooms in a property matter when it comes to selling a home, but some matter more than others. The bedroom is one of these rooms. So if you’re preparing to sell your home, take note. Here’s 5 ways to style your bedroom so that it’s not only more enjoyable to spend time in, but so that it’s highly appealing when selling too.