Clever ways to maximize space in your home no matter how big or small

It can often feel like your home is cramped or you wish you just had that little more space; well with these simple yet effective tips you can create and expand the space in your home to maximize its full potential.

Reduction of clutter:

One of the best ways to maximize the space in a small apartment is to reduce any clutter eliminating any mess. Utilising storage space is a great way to open the available space in the given room; with the reduction of clutter it will also give the perception that the room is in fact bigger than what it is.

Make or design your own furniture/storage:

This can be done through some home DIY creating or reusing old furniture to create new tasteful design and often easy on your bank account. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t make big, bold design choices allowing the room to have a unique creative flow. That being said less is more and a minimal look that still allows you to live practically can not only be a desirable look but also make your living space seem far bigger.

The use of colour in your home:

Often an easy yet effective way to give off the illusion that the space that you’re living in is bigger than what you may seem is using colour. Painting your walls white is an effective way to not only brighten up your room enhancing any natural light but gives the perception that the room is in fact larger than what it is. It creates a perception that the room is in fact less heavy and often feels more welcoming. An accent wall can also be used to help break up the white walls enhancing them even more and bringing a stylish trend into the room.

Using symmetry on your walls:

Once a selected colour has been chosen another great way to help give the illusion that the room seems larger is symmetry on the walls. Furniture features are not only stylish but create a natural balance and flow across the room.

The use of mirrors:

A good idea to help extenuate the feeling of a bigger space is using a large mirror. This reflects natural light in the room and will allow the white walls to beam. These clever hacks can be cheap yet so effective in making your space feel larger.

Using a statement piece:

Finally, to finish of your room you may want to create a focal point or a central piece to draw the eye and stun guests as they enter. This can take shape in any form whether it’s a piece of art or a statement piece to finish off your room. Your room will now be brighter and seem larger with your own stylish trend embodied into it.


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