Trying to sell your home will feel like the last thing you want to try right now….

But we can help you move onto the next chapter of your life before next Christmas

What would that do for you and your family?   We recently sold a home for Chris.  His Chester property just would not sell. We’ve titled it the ‘Sad Story of the Bungalow that Would Not Sell.’ I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the most eloquent of titles. But it is rather accurate, as you’ll soon find out.   Chris inherited the property, located in the highly popular suburban area of Vicars Cross on the east of Chester, from his mother. And as he was already well established in Exeter, he was keen to sell it.   This sizeable bungalow, which came with the desirable CH3 postcode, was originally valued at £300,000. Although it languished over time. And unfortunately, despite agents trying to sell Chris’s bungalow, it remained on the market unsold.   As he was not local to Chester, this became a huge strain on Chris. As you might imagine! During this time, he was unable to move on with his life. And as a result, Chris reluctantly dropped the price on his Chester bungalow. Again. And again.    Eventually Chris instructed us to sell his property for him. If we could. Although he was not convinced! Fortunately for Chris, we achieved a sale within just 1 week of listing his property. And only 21 days after the sale was agreed, the purchase was completed.   It was a win win for all. Chris was extremely happy to have sold his mother’s house – at last. Finally he could move on with his life back in Exeter. And we were pleased to sell his house within such a short amount of time. And, for the best possible price.    Now, no doubt you’re thinking; yes Lisa but this sounds fairly extreme. And you’re right. The Sad Story of the Bungalow that Would Not Sell was an extreme case. I’m not suggesting the same could happen to you. I’m really not. Because I’m going to show you how to avoid this.   Month on month, we sell homes for clients just like Chris. And just like with Chris’s sad Chester bungalow, these homeowners share a commonality.   They don’t know why their home won’t sell.   Whilst I think it would be unfair to speculate as to the reason, it’s fair to say it could be any number of things. It could be the imagery. It could be the price. It could be the description of the property.   But as we sell these homes – often for the right price, within the quickest amount of time – we have come to learn something very important. Through our conversations with our vendors and our buyers, we’ve noticed a key element that’s consistently recurrent (no matter the property, nor the location, nor the price).   Are you ready?  

Newsflash – people sell property. 

  Crazy huh! It sounds simple? Because it really is that simple.   We firmly believe that if you’re passionate, and proactive (just as we are!), then you can achieve results. So when we say that your move matters to us, it really does. It matters, because we’re not just in the business of selling homes. We’re passionate about taking action that will give the best possible outcome for you.   Which brings me back to my original statement – it is entirely possible to sell your home before next Christmas.   Go on, picture it now. Picture yourselves in your dream home. Picture the tree in the perfect setting for the light coming through the windows to bounce off the star. Picture your new living room; a gorgeous space with plenty of room for you and your loved ones to cuddle up together as you celebrate the festivities. Picture yourselves no longer under the strain of lugging around the dead weight of a house that won’t sell.  

How’s it looking? Worth considering again, right!

  So are you ready to get started on your dreams? If you’re dreaming of having your home sold before next Christmas, then you need to have the right people on your side. People sell property. And our people are consistently, month on month, bringing their A game.   So why not get in touch? Tell me about your home. And I’ll tell you we can make your dreams come true.   Please click here for our 11 step plan to help you achieve the best possible price in the quickest possible time.  Alternatively call us on 01244 313 900 or email me at with questions. I look forward to helping you move on to your next chapter.